HubbleSite – Picture Album

This is a terrific site to view our solar system, and BEYOND! Click below, on the words,"HubbleSite- Picture Album" to see this fantastic website. ENJOY!!!

HubbleSite – Picture Album

Do you know which phase our moon is in? Want to see?

January 2007- New York Times article on East Harlem.

Talking about Live Search Maps

This is a "bird’s eye view" of a very important church in Sant’Antimo. It is called the "Santuario di Sant’Antimo, prete e martire."  Sant’Antimo is the patron saint of this town. Every year in May, this town has a feast in honor of this patron saint. The church’s facade is decorated with molded, multi-colored lights. There are special activities and processions. People from all over the region join in on the festivities. My grandfather, Antimo Puca, was most likely baptized in this church. His parents, Stefano and Teresina, were married here.


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History of East Harlem