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Destination America: An informative site to learn more about the wave of immigration that made America what it is today. Click on the link below to visit this site.


Click on the link below to view an educational website on immigration history.

The Manicotti Incident

Somewhere along the very long and winding line of my internet surfing, I found this link and saved it to my favorites. I thought that it would be nice to add this site to my blog, as itย  encompasses assorted vignettes relating to Italian heritage. It also has a link to learning the Italian language. MANGIA:)

The Manicotti Incident

Latest Genealogy Tools Create a Need to Know – New York Times

I found this article via the Ancestry.com website.ย  This article showcases some of the top websites that I have chosen for my list. You can link to these websites via this very informative article.

"Seek and ye shall find…"



Latest Genealogy Tools Create a Need to Know – New York Times