Click on the link below to visit Miriam Medina’s website, “The History Box”/ Italian Harlem Page. A must see site!!!

The History Box|Italian Harlem

2 Comments on “Click on the link below to visit Miriam Medina’s website, “The History Box”/ Italian Harlem Page. A must see site!!!”

  1. Hi Angela/Miriam. My name is Richard Greco and I am an East Harlemite refugee transpalnted to the Bronx due to Mayor Robert F. Wagner codemnation of my birth place (and I was born in apartment 6, 345 East 120 Street, 1945) I cany contribute much except for a class photo of me 1952 or 53 in PS 80. My knowledge of the cellars, my playing lookout for the cops for the crap games, the Johnny Pumps in the summer, stick ball on East 120 Street, the daily walks to Randalls Island over the Triborough Bridge, and the cousins were transplanted from Italy (my father was the then required sponsor).

    I think it is great that you have this site up and running.

    My only claim to fame was like most of us of the time who either became a cop, a priest or a hood, I became a Cop. My seeds (Children) became, one The Assistant Secretary of The Navy under Honorable President George W. Bush, One a Police Detective and One a Fire Captain.

    My three sons have thus far given me 10 grand children.

    God Bless you for your efforts and how I remeber the Masses at Holy Rosary Church and the processions of which I have a few photos, plus some family photos of the time.

    Who knows, had they not condemed my birth place, where I may have ended up.

    My East Harlem nick name was “Digger Jr” and my Brother Frank, older than I was “Digger”

    Oh how I miss that pastry shop with the best Italian Ices in New ork, corner of East 120 St and First Avenue and Fats Pidgeon Store (Pet shop) on Second Avenue.

    Rich Greco


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