Miriam Medina’s Article on Italian Harlem: Part 1 of a 3 part series


3 Comments on “Miriam Medina’s Article on Italian Harlem: Part 1 of a 3 part series”

  1. Ron Adinolfi says:

    Both sets of grandparents lived there with my maternal grandfather owning a candy store on First Avenue between 118th and 119th Streets and my father’s family lived on 119th between First and Second avenue, My mom and dad spent their honeymoon at the Hotel Theresa on a hun’ twenty-fifth and my Godfather lived on Pleasant Avenue.

    My grandfather went to the Methodist church on Pleasant avenue and I lived with my uncle on First Avenue in the early 60’s in the same apartment he lived in all his life.

    I remember the Feast of Mt Camel when I was very little and the church on 119th (could have been 118th) where we went to mass on Easter and then went to my uncle’s for a family meal that stretched four rooms from the kitchen to the front room with the window.

    I am writing a memoir and am just gathering more about the old neighborhood to help refresh my memories for example: when the Feast of Mt Carmel is celebrated and is Patsy’s on First Avenue still open? Anything you can add would be appreciated.

    I am living in England but I can still taste the egg creams I used to get sitting on the stool at the marble soda fountain when “Junior Fats worked there.


    • Frank Budano says:

      Would you also remember the bakery on 118 – 119 I know how to say it but I don’t know how to spell it it was my favorite place after church on a Sunday in the mid 60s .


      • Angela Bella says:

        I don’t personally remember the bakery, as my family moved out of East Harlem when I was turning 5. However, my older siblings talked about that bakery, and my dad’s TV repair shop was next to it. It was called Kutcher’s bakery. Not sure of the exact spelling, but it’s close enough. πŸ™‚


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