Rebel in the House: The Life and Times of Vito Marcantonio


Rebel in the House: The Life and Times of Vito Marcantonio.

5 Comments on “Rebel in the House: The Life and Times of Vito Marcantonio”

  1. Dorothy Bruno Sausto says:

    Angela thanks so much for an interesting story


  2. Dorothy Bruno Sausto says:

    the Italian bakery, was that on ahun14 between 1st and 2nd ave, before the projects went up, say early 1940 or is that Lombardis on 1st ave at ahun15th


    • Angela says:

      Hi Dorothy,
      My greatgrandfather, Andrea Altieri’s bakery had 2 different locations. First, in the 1930’s-1940’s, he was located at 320 Pleasant Ave., between 117th and 118th.(East side of Pleasant Ave.) Later, in the 1950’s, Andrea Altieri’s bakery was located in the block,at 441 East 117th St. Andrea died in 1959,and the business closed, not long after.
      Thanks for your comment!
      Always in East Harlem…Angela


  3. Hi Angela,
    I stumbled upon your site as I’m preparing a short documentary on Freddy’s luncheonette that used to be on east 119th street and Pleasant Avenue. Do you remember Freddy and Dolly? I’ve met with Dolly and she’s been telling me all about the luncheonette. I’m trying to track down a photo of the luncheonette. Would love to talk to you more about your memories of it, and inquire if you have any photos. Thanks so much for your time. Great site! Sincerely, Danielle Bellucci


    • Angela Bella says:

      Hi Danielle,

      Sorry, but I don’t remember Freddy’s Luncheonette. My family moved out of East Harlem when I was 5. I can ask my older siblings if they remember. I’m sure they do, as they were teenagers when we moved to the Bronx. I can ask my contacts if they have a photo of the luncheonette. If I find one, I will send it your way!
      Thanks for reaching out!
      Best regards,


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