“Wedding Procession (Sippiciano, Campania)” by Anthony Riccio


Photographed by Anthony Riccio

“Wedding Procession (Sippiciano, Campania)” by Anthony Riccio.

Neapolitan song history

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“…e i’ so’ napulitano
e si nun canto io moro!”

[… I’m Neapolitan and if don’t sing I die!]

For Neapolitan people the passion for the music and the wish to sing get deep roots.

Undoubtedly, Naples has played an important and vibrant role over the centuries not just in the music of Italy, but in the general history of western European musical traditions.

Even In America, Neapolitan music is very popular, from the casinos of Atlantic City and the streets of New York’s Italian neighbourhoods to the remotest corners of the country.

The classic “Canzone napoletana” (Neapolitan song) is a mix between the ancient popular singing and folkloristic singing.  Historically, the siren Parthenope singing  maybe,  characterized the popular singing of this population as a song that was born from love to clear hurdles and become undying.

The “popular singing” is the singing of the…

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Canzone Napoletana-Click on link below

Canzone Napoletana-Click on link below