Interior Window: “Old Law” Tenements-New Laws for NYC’s Tenements, 1901.

(Excerpt from the Tenement House Commission’s rules and regulations)”…or unless such room has a sash window opening into an adjoining room in the same apartment said sash window- having at least fifteen square feet of glazed surface, being at least three feet by five feet between stop beads, and at least one-half thereof being made to open readily. An alcove opening of no less dimension than said sash window shall be deemed its equivalent.” Tenement House Law Reforms of 1901, Chapter III, Title II “Provisions applicable only to now existing Tenement Houses”, Section 79: Rooms, lighting, and ventilation…

Note: These interior windows were also known as “tuberculosis windows.” They were mandated by a 1901 New York City law, requiring that tenements have cross- ventilation in order to avoid spreading tuberculosis, as well as other respiratory diseases.

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