Holy Rosary School, East Harlem, N.Y.C.

Mrs. Casalo's 7th grade class. May of 1966 Notice(zoom in to see) the pennies in the "penny loafers" of the first 2 girls in the front row, far right.

Mrs. Casalo’s 7th grade class.
May of 1966
Notice(zoom in to see) the pennies in the “penny loafers” of the first 2 girls in the front row, far right.

17 Comments on “Holy Rosary School, East Harlem, N.Y.C.”

  1. Angela, wonderful picture, very fashionable with the pennies in your loafers, but I am sure that the nuns were not too pleased with your fashion statement.

    • Angela says:

      Lol…I’m sure you’re right. This vintage photo depicts my older sister’s 7th grade class. Alas,I’m not in this photo. I’ll have to ask her about her experiences with the nuns of Holy Rosary. I didn’t attend school in E. Harlem, as my family moved up to the Bronx when I was turning 5. When I was of school age, I attended Public School, in the Bronx. I remember my 2 older sisters(I have 3 older sisters), telling me that they were physically abused by the nuns. The nuns hit them with rulers, and when they came home and told my father, he quickly went to the school, scolded the nuns, and withdrew my 2 oldest sisters from the school. My sister that remained in Holy Rosary was quiet, and never had a problem with the nuns. If you were outspoken and free spirited (God forbid), you would most likely fall victim to the “blessed ruler.” 😉

      • I was taught by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. They meted out justice as well, when it was deserved. I never saw an incident where it was not deserved, harsh yes, but never for minor transgressions. Remember, back then nuns and brothers were not much older than the children they taught and I am sure that they never received the type of training that teachers do today.

      • Anthony Belli says:

        Who is your sister? I was in that class.

      • Angela Bella says:

        Margaret Puco. Thanks for your comment, Anthony. Do you remember my sister? We moved out of Harlem in late 1966.

      • Richard Harris says:

        My sister is in the picture, last row from teachers right 3rd girl Frances Harris

  2. James(Jimmy)Paolino says:

    i went to Holy Rosary 1950-1955. i had sister yolanda she was great, sister candida, and mrs kevin. Mother francis was the principal….. the saying went “she’ll box your ears off.i went to school with richie coppola ricky gentile danny rotante tommy troiano red vitale ann mastellone mary parmagiana, joe ruggiero the d’incecco brothers. east harlem 4ever. jimmy paolino

  3. Anthony Belli says:

    I remember a very quiet friendly girl named Margaret.

  4. dave says:

    Did anybody attend Holy Rosary from 1960 to 1969?
    Dave Yurasits

    • Richard Harris says:

      I did Richard Harris lived in the project
      some of the teachers mighty Quin
      I know you know Vicky and D D snatch

    • Richard Harris says:

      you also have younger brother lumpy

    • Richard Harris says:

      I did and I think you know me, I hung out in the bakery 120th Street and First ave.
      Did you know Vickie, Marty, DD, and maybe you have a brother Frankie otherwise known as (lumpie).

      • Sondra B says:

        I’m trying SO hard to remember the name of that bakery! They had great cannolis!!! I’m sure it no longer exists (even called someone working at Patsy’s Pizzeria and they had no clue). If anyone out there remembers the name, PLEASE respond. Thanks!

  5. Frank Y aka Lumpy says:

    DeRoma Pastry Shop was the name

  6. Frank Y aka Lumpy says:

    DeRoma Pastry ShoP

  7. Dino Carlucci says:

    Love this site just came across it. its awesome, when our family arrived in the Uk from Campania they decided to stay and settle in England. I love our Italian American cousins who were lucky enough to make it to the US but love visiting New York City all the boroughs every four years or so. I visit Italy every year only two and a half hours away the same time it takes me to visit London where I go every two weeks. Happy days. God bless you guys from Italian harlem. My kind of people.

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