Long gone, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.

Long gone, but not forgotten...Morrone's Bakery.

Morrone Bakery was located at 324 East 116th Street in East Harlem. It was renowned for it’s delicious variety of Italian, French and Semolina bread. I once bought a loaf of olive bread, and, believe me,  it was fabulous!
Gabriele and Rosa Morrone opened the bakery in 1965, and until August 19th 2007, they made traditional Italian hand-made breads. This small, neighborhood “mom and pop” bakery, offered an inviting atmosphere, with Rosa Morrone still behind the counter, selling the breads herself. My great Aunt Columbia Altieri was friends with Rosa. I remember her telling me that the bakery was going to close. Very sad indeed!

Copy and paste the link below, to read a New York Times article, from September of 2007, discussing Morrone’s Bakery closing.  http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/18/nyregion/18bakery.html

One Comment on “Long gone, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.”

  1. Sad, how we’ve lost the butchers and the bakers in our lifetime, of course the candlestick maker has long been gone. Up here on Cape Cod, good bread is hard find. Italian bread here is like fancy “Wonder Bread”. I wonder why I even buy it.


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