Unreleased Masterplans Show Sustainable Roots for Low Income Housing


Eat Harlem Low Income Housing[tweetmeme source=”intercongreen”]In 1972, one of the most ambitious government-funded, low income housing projects in history broke ground in Harlem on the upper East side of Manhattan. Spanning an entire city block, the Taino Towers complex boasted four-story base with various integrated amenities supporting four 35-story towers of concrete and glass to stand over the surrounding neighborhood. The project was known as a “pilot block”, meant to serve as a new urban model for the integration of low-income housing into large cities like New York. However, there also exists a little-known master plan for future phases of low-income development in Harlem that were drafted as a model for sustainable urban growth.

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A Rainy Day in Vintage East Harlem-Another great find! East Harlem History & Vintage photos.

East 119th Street, b/w 2nd and 3rd Avenue. May 11th 1919.

Italian Harlem

East 119 bw 2nd 3rd May 11 1919 nyplRainy day street photo: East 119th Street and 2nd Avenue, looking toward the 3rd Avenue elevated. May 11, 1919

Photo source: NYPL Digital Gallery

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A Sunny Day in Vintage East Harlem: November 9, 1919

1919 nov 9

East 119th Street and Second Avenue, looking toward the Third Avenue elevated.
Photo Source: NYPL Digital Gallery.