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  1. Phil Jimenez says:

    Hi, my name is Phil Jimenez. My mom and dad lived on 118th until I wax about four years old. I don’t recall the address but it was close to the east river drive nearby what was some kind of a cross over that went from building to building over the street itself. I drove by the neighborhood years back and our building was gone. It was on the even numbered sided of the street. Looking through google it seems there’s some kind of modern building near or on where we lived. My moms maiden name was Borrillo. Her family lived on 112th and second ave. that building is still there across from the projects that were built there when I was a kid. Though I was ver young I recall Jefferson Park and also picnics on Randals Island. We now live on long islands south shore. I enjoyed looking around your site a bit. My grandfather Pasquale Borillo also shipped out from Naples lived here a while then went back to Italy a couple of years to find a young wife, my grandmother. About 1914, if I recall, they all came here for good.
    I’ll have to spend a bit more time and also talk to my mom about the neighborhood.

    Thanks for the time and live you have put into your work here.


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