Lost, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.

Rosa morroneLost, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.

Morrone Bakery, once located at 324 East 116th Street, sold Italian, French and Semolina bread. Gabriele and Rosa Morrone opened the bakery in 1956 and until closing day,  they religiously made authentic hand-made breads. This tiny bakery offered a homely, welcoming atmosphere, with Rosa Morrone  wrapping and selling the breads herself.  Long gone…but never forgotten!

Jefferson-Pool-Photographed by-Bernard-Hoffman-1936

1884: The Goats that Bucked a Swimming Race in East Harlem

The Hatching Cat

Goat in boat

In my last post about old New York, I wrote about a Newfoundland who almost lost his life while taking part in a swimming race from Randall’s Island to the Harlem Beach Bathing Pavilion in July 1884. Apparently the manager of the Harlem beach, Frederick Kenyon, wasn’t fazed by this close call on the East River, because three weeks later, he invited people to let their goats swim the same race. The prizes included a mammoth cabbage, large turnip, a double-sheet circus poster, and a tomato can.

On August 10, 1884, 11 goat owners led their goats to a float on the East River at 116th Street, where they were to be thrown into the water. The owners struggled quite a bit as the goats butted and kicked and flat-out refused to get into the water.

During all this commotion, a man came rushing out to the float, brandishing a…

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The Harlem Beach Bathing Pavilion- Circa 1884

harlem floating poolfloating poolsThe Harlem Beach Bathing Pavilion- Circa 1884

1933: Policy Pete’s Number Book-Vintage “How to pick the #’s.”


East Harlem Giglio Society

East Harlem Giglio Society20130804-125615.jpg

As I add salt to the boiling water, in a small way, I am also “reconnecting” to my Italian Harlem heritage…Rao’s sauce is my favorite macaroni sauce-bar none! There, I said it…macaroni! Shall I say gravy? Sure, why not! ;-)


East Harlem’s Festa di Giglio-2014!

East Harlem's Festa di Giglio-2014!


20130804-125757.jpg20130804-125737.jpg20130804-130043.jpg20130804-125937.jpgGiglio 201420130804-125703.jpg