Lost, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.

Rosa morroneLost, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.

Morrone Bakery, once located at 324 East 116th Street, sold Italian, French and Semolina bread. Gabriele and Rosa Morrone opened the bakery in 1956 and until closing day,  they religiously made authentic hand-made breads. This tiny bakery offered a homely, welcoming atmosphere, with Rosa Morrone  wrapping and selling the breads herself.  Long gone…but never forgotten!

3 Comments on “Lost, but not forgotten…Morrone’s Bakery.”

  1. Leda Grasso says:

    I love her! I see in the neighborhood once and a while. She remembers everybody! And yes unique bakery – not only the breads but everything was special and not to be found else. I’ve tried.


  2. Louis filardo Jr says:

    Yes the best bread, Me and my Dad would be in the city and always get a big bag to bring home to NJ and sometimes we’d eat too much from the bag and would have to stop again. I knew they’re daughter Maria also!


  3. The best bread ever , Madeline Small and Rose were friends … the best bead ever , they need to reopen as a cafe ! Muah!!!!


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