ITALIAN POPULATION in EAST HARLEM-1930 CENSUS-Historical Facts and Figures

So, historically speaking, where exactly did the neighborhood of East Harlem begin and end? Technically, the boundary started at 96th Street, from the East River, west to 5th Avenue, and heading North to 125th Street, but for all intents and purposes, the majority of the Italian district started well past E. 100th Street, and basically, started thinning out past E.125th Street.
Note: According to the 1930 Census, there were 5800 Italians living between E. 99th and E. 104th, from 1st Avenue to 3rd Avenue. Next, from East 104th to East 109th Streets, from 1st Avenue, heading west to 3rd Avenue, there were 15,500 Italians living in that zone. Moving North, from East 109th to 114th Street, there were 12,500 Italians living between Pleasant Ave., 1st and 3rd Avenues. And then, from East 114th Street, up to East 119th Street, between Pleasant Avenue, heading west to 3rd Avenue, there were 20,500 Italians living in that zone. This particular “Italian zone” is probably the largest, due to the fact that Pleasant Avenue was included in these population figures. Historically, Pleasant Avenue’s residential community started near Jefferson Park, from East 114th Street-near Rao’s, up toward East 125th Street. (However, past East 121st Street, near Pleasant Avenue (back in the day before the public housing development was built), that area was largely industrial in nature-up towards East 125th Street). Lastly, from East 119th Street, up to around East 125th Street, there were approximately 11,500 Italians living between Pleasant Ave. and 3rd Avenue. If you move West, from 3rd Avenue, up to 5th Avenue, there were thousands more Italians, starting from 91st Street, on the east side, and heading west and North to 5th Avenue and up past E. 125th Street! πŸ™‚ Source: Casa Italiana Educational Bureau of Columbia University. (Leonard Covello was the Executor Director, at that time).

8 Comments on “ITALIAN POPULATION in EAST HARLEM-1930 CENSUS-Historical Facts and Figures”

  1. ed Fiorella says:

    Leonard Covello was my principal at Benjamin Franklin as well as many thousands of Neighbor hood Italians as two of my older brothers.


  2. Eugene says:

    I lived on 119st. & pleasant ave back in the 60’s great time good peaple


  3. Angelo caputo says:

    Lived on 119st. Off Pleasant Ave in the late 50s and 60s.


    • Frank DeSimone says:

      Did you know anyone on 117st Off Pleasant Ave.THE Romanos Sica Staiano De Muro Leonetti


      • ed Fiorella says:

        Lived 115 and 3rd, Hung around 117 between 2nd and 3rd at candy store.Most of my family are fom111th between 1st and 2nd Movies were 116th 3rd and Lexington COSMO


  4. Edward J. Filardo says:

    Angela Thanks for the link to photo with Frances Filardo. Do not know her or that there were other Filardo”s in East Harlem. If you know a link to her, by all means let me know. I have a brother Francis born April 30, 1930 now deceased and a sister, Felicia born March 21, 1939. From 1940 on we were raised by a single parent – Carmela Filardo (nee Celentano), leaving a disconnect with the Filardo side of the family.


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