A PAST PRESERVED-In the Shadow of the Twin Gas Tanks, on E. 110th St.

8 Comments on “A PAST PRESERVED-In the Shadow of the Twin Gas Tanks, on E. 110th St.”

  1. Theresa Ann Passarelli says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I grow up in East Harlem in the 60s and it will always have a special place in my heart!


  2. Josephine Giuffrida says:

    families were just happy to be together with a roof above their heads and food on the table.I lived on 108th street between 2nd and third avenue went to St Anns on 110the street


  3. ed Fiorella says:

    I graduated from St. Anns in 1949. The gas tanks were across the street from the school . Also next to the school was the chicken slaughter house Every so often a chicken without a head would get loose and run the street. On the 111th st side of the tanks was a horse stable where the tahe vendors would pick up their wagons and start selling vegetables, fruits, potatos and ice for the ice boxes .not too many refrigerators at that rime


  4. Steven Bellofatto says:

    Thanks for sharing. The pictures are terrific. I grew up on 112th & 1st Ave. I remember those gas tanks. The big kids told me that if I could threw a lit match high enough to get it to land in one of those tanks it would explode! I also remember the nearby Boys Club where I spent so much time playing games and making things. SB



  5. JoAnn Longo says:

    Beautiful story..


  6. Cristine Barefield-Florio says:

    My Grandfather had a plumbing shop on E. 109th Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue.
    And my uncle Patsy had a candy store on that 109th as well. Love these photos.


  7. Carol Ann Puco says:

    I Love This And All The Memories, You were Chosen To Keep Them Alive. What Heart Felt Words. Beautiful .


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