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Bobby Maida’s Feast Photos

Our Lady of Mount Carmel R.C. Church, East Harlem, New York-click on the link below to view the memorial page. You can add your loved ones to this memorial page as well!


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Memorial

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When Frank Sinatra Came to Italian Harlem: The 1945 “Race Riot” at Benjamin Franklin High School » pa

Leonard Covello: Ben Franklin High School

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Vito Marcantonio: American Radical

East’s Guestbook

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Active Guestbook

Stickball in East Harlem, an old tradition.

Vito Marcantonio Online

My Comment about the YouTube montage/video of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

 NOTE:  Click on the link below to view my comment. When I viewed this slideshow, I noticed that many of the photos used to make this montage are MINE! There was no mention of me or my website, as a source for these photos. If you go to my other website and view my photo gallery page, you will see these photos and more pics that I took the day of the Procession Mass of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.(July of 2008)

DEVOTIONS TO OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL: Shrine of Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Italian Harlem – one of three America’s crowned Madonnas

Visit my website about the history of Italian Harlem in New York City!

History East Harlem Rag Market