olmc report card 1945 Olmc report cardOur Lady of Mt. Carmel School Report cards courtesy of Vin Casale.(Notice the duplicate signature) Here’s the story:

Vin Casale: 7th grade teacher Sister Kathleen signing my report again at age 100 yrs old….After 67yrs, a few of her students took her out to lunch, where I showed her the report card she gave me….She signed it again with some great memories of her teaching at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grammar School!

olmc ora pro nobis

Holy Rosary School, East Harlem, N.Y.C.

Mrs. Casalo’s 7th grade class. May of 1966 Notice(zoom in to see) the pennies in the “penny loafers” of the first 2 girls in the front row, far right.


  1. Paul Carroccio says:

    38 kids in the class, teachers today would panic! Boys outnumbered by 25 to 13, lucky them! My class at Holy Family where we went when we moved to Queens had 48 students.


  2. Annamarie Reale says:

    My aunt lived on 116th. I have fond memories of that time although they are getting vague!


  3. Mary Ann Santo -cancellieri says:

    I attended St ann’s School on 109St between 1957 thru 1960 Some of my classmates where Juliet Romano and Ellenor can’t rememberr her last name her family owned a deli on 2nd Ave between 109&110 St.


    • Kathy Goodey (Emchek) says:

      Hi, My name was Kathy Goodey, and Juliet Romano was a distant cousin of mine, and we were in the same grade at St. Ann”s school from Kindergarten. Your name is not familiar to me. You mention Ellenor: and I think she was the girl with the family that owned Celentos deli on Second Ave.. I think her relative was Millie Cellento, who was hefty, and worked the deli. My Mother’s family name was Capolina, and also in our family was Santorelli. I also was close friends with MaryAnn Mesina. PLEASE REPLY BACK.. I got this web site from a women who was helping me with health ins., and she grew up on 104th st.. I can’t believe I found you. I am married 47 yrs. and have a 42yr old son, and live in No. Babylon, NY, LI I can’t wait to hear from you!! You can also reach me at my e-mail and my phone # is 631-586-0589t


      • Julie Chapdelaine (née Salerno) says:

        I grew up on a hun fourth street. I went to Sain Lucy’s school. Across the street from school there was a guy who sold hot jelly apples. They were delicious. Does anyone know anyone from 104 St -106 Street Berwyn. 1st & 2nd Avenue.
        Last name is Salerno.


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