Al TV~~ Jimmy Blink~~Danny McGraw~~ Tortie~~ Steve the Bug~~ Tony Cowboy~~Angelo Cheesecake/The Jet~~ The Dalton Brothers~~ Jiggy Lou~~ Albaduch~~Charlie Jackson~~Roagie~~Munzagee~Crazy Joe~~Johnny Echoes~~Titi~~Patty Wineneck~~Wahoo~~Louie the Lug~~Pip the Blind~~The Zoolah~~~Joe Squint~~Dodo~~Harry “GoGoats”~~Johnny Echos

Click on this link to view more nicknames from East Harlem’s past:



  1. Charles says:

    Charlie Jackson is my father and Patty Wineneck is his brother and Buatt is my cousin…
    Wow …. should I even be saying this…. LOL

  2. patty rappa says:

    Does anyone remember “Pete Black” from 117/118 St?

  3. jimmy paolino
    i thought i already left this nicknames paddy bones, eddie win, frankie eyes, nookie, nicky buns,mikey bannanas, charlie irish, danny dumbo, johnny monk, petey muscles, tuna fish, pizeel, jerraz,jerry cane,mikey frogs, wazoo,joey fleabags,joe black,and my dad,danny red.
    thats all i can think of for now LOL jimmy Ahun21st st.

    • Jean Tocci says:

      Paddy Bones ran the candy/soda shoppe on 119th street and i would run down to tell him the cops were coming down the block and as a little girl he would let me have a candy of choice.
      One time I lied to get a candy bar and he scolded me and I never did it again! My addiction to candy started during those days. I believe back room was a gambling spot.

  4. Don says:

    Anyone remember The Swordfish.

  5. Eric scorzelli says:

    My father was Chic . So many Frank’s so each had a nickname. His brother was
    Johnny Curly.

  6. George Di Leo says:

    How about Nicky Red, Frankie Red, Petey Wreck(Marylin Monroe’s NY Chaufeur), Joe Bananas, Good Lookin Al, DaDa, Angelo cigar head, Joe White, Lawton, Augie Twist, Porky, Rosie Teeth, Three finger….,Pups, Yish, Pepsi, Rubber Legs, PeeWee Sonny, Crazy Al, Joe Bimbo, Totsy, Four Eyes, The Red Heads,

  7. George Di Leo says:

    Angela, first off you are a saint.
    My wife Terese (1195h St. 1st & 2nd Ave) are planning a trip back to E. Harlem and our cherished roots for Festa de Giglio in August. Please send me info on the dates of the feast. I will certainly connect with you.
    By the way, Terese’s brother Joeseph Crocco graduated from Benjamin Franklin HS, Under Dr. Covello who had a great influence on him. He was best friends with James Luisi who lived on my block 123rd. St., first and Pleasant. Joe was the GO/Student President. He made the honorary presentation to Frank Sinatra when he visited BFHS right after the riot. I have a picture of Joe and Sinatra if you are interested in a copy.
    Joe went on to West Point through a recommendation of Mr. Marcantonio plus his grades. He ended up in the Air Force and flew during the Korean and Vietnam War. I spoke to him a number of times when I was an Air Traffic Conrtoller when he flew helicopter on his aircraft to Riverhead, LI. He contracted Leukemia as a result of exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam conflict and is interned at West Point. You may be familiar with James Luisi. Great BFHS basketball Player going on to St. Francis college on a scholarship.
    He then played with the Baltimore Bullets, drafted into the Army, and then onto to a career on Broadway and Hollywood as an actor. He is in the St. Francis Basketball Hall of Fame for Scoring.

    JAMES Luisi moved into acting in the late 1950s after hearing that his neighborhood friend, Anthony Franciosa, was appearing in a Broadway show. “I can do that,” James said, and promptly enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

    Although he was probably best known for The Rockford Files role, Lt. Doug Chapman, with James Garner, James. Luisi won an Emmy in 1976 for his portrayal of George Washington in the NBC special First Ladies’ Diaries: Martha Washington. James also appeared in episodes of many of television’s most popular detective and adventure series, including Cannon, Kojak, Hunter, Wonder Woman, T.J. Hooker, Hart to Hart, The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Fall Guy, Magnum, P.I. and L.A. Law. Joe and James are products of Dr. Covello. Funny story, I met up with James on Newfoundland at Harmon AFB during the Korean War. James was stationed on Iceland. He was sent to Harmon for our Northeast Air Command basketball and fast pitch softball tournament. I was on the Harmon Softball team as a pitcher and catcher.

    I again met up with James Luisi when I moved to Southern California in 2000 prior to his passing on June 7, 2002.

    Joe retired from the Air Force as a Colonel and passed while living in the Tampa Bay Florida area.
    James got his big start on Broadway staring in Alfie and Sweet Charity then onto a number of years as Lt. Doug Chapman on the Rockford Files. They are part of the pride of East Harlem.

    Another great achiever you may not be aware of is Louis D’Esposito who is Co-President of Marvel studios in Hollywood. His father is my friend and classmate Anthony D’Esposito at Cardinal Hayes HS and co-milk box harmonizer on 123rd Jimmy’s Candy Store… There are a lot of great success stories of the alumni of Italian E. Harlem.

    • Angela Bella says:

      Thank you so much for this information, George!This is what Italian Harlem is all about! 🙂 Blessings!

    • Vin Ponzo says:

      I lived on 430 East 115st. across from Mt Carmel. That would be about 100 yards from Benjamin Franklin but I decided to go to Cardinal Hayes also. Played two years on the football team and then about 5 years for the Mr Carmel football team. Mikie Lenteni was the quaterback..I was the half back. We won three out of 5 chanpionships and we also played aganst the Jets before they became the jets. Great fun. The name for the Jets in the league escape me. Sorry.

      • Pete H Cuccinello (WRECK) says:

        I played one year at tackle, of course that was the year we lost I remember mike being QB Tony buggsy Gennusa playing def. back

      • R says:

        I think you went to Hayes with my brother Alfred Guglielmelli. We lived at 425 east 115th street too. He passed away 8 years ago. He and his wife lived in Staten Island.

      • Vincent Ponzo says:

        Of course I remember you and Al. Your father sold produce if I am not mistaken. Good to hear from you and if you want you can email me I have been in Florida for the past 12 years. Iam in florida. I think you went to school with my sister Rosalie…..

  8. Rosemaria Mayerhofer says:

    My Grandfather is GIGI:) And my Dad was Lefty:)

  9. Larry says:

    I lived at 325 Pleasant Avenue. My father’s name was Sonny. He was a bartender at The Colonial Tavern on ahun16th street and 1st Avenue and also at Johnny Pups bar on ahun18th street and Pleasant Avenue and also at Patsy’s Restaurant on 1st Avenue. Does anyone remember him? I knew a lot of the names listed on your website. It brought back memories of my childhood on Pleasant Avenue. I went to P.S. 78 and to Benjamin Franklin High School. My father was a member of the Friends of Victory social club and my late brother John was a member of the Nighthawks social club.

    • Angela Bella says:

      Hi Larry, add your post to my new page, “The Stoop” Perhaps someone will see your post, and respond back. Thanks for visiting!😊
      Oh, and don’t forget to follow my blog, to receive updates on new posts! Thanks!

    • ANDREW ALTIERI says:

      I lived at 351 Pleasant Ave. we used to go up on the roof and steal pigeon eggs from Johnny pups pigeon coop we would punch two holes in the shell and suck out the eggs my father was Vincent [Jimmy] Altieri his father had a bakery on 117 st. between Pleasant Ave and 1st.those were greaqt times we used to sleep on the fire escape and never worry about anything. Scotty’s deli was accross the street school was on the corner never had to leave area everything was there family was within 3 blocks. Great times

    • Joey j says:

      My father use to play baseball around 112th and 116th st
      nickname was Joey Two cents
      Cause his baseball glove was only worth 2 cents

  10. Cirillo Family says:

    Love seeing the names of my Uncles, Wee Gee and Funzi!

  11. Michael Falsia says:

    My Uncle was Jimmy Blink. That is Uncle by marriage. His Brother was Rogie. I know there could not be two Jimmy Blink. That is amazing. My Family was from 118 and 117 and Pleasant Avenue. My Mother was born on Pleasant avenue itself. 326 I believe. The building has been torn down.

  12. My Uncle by Marriage was Jimmy Blink. His Brother was Rogie for Rocco. Now I doubt that there were two Jimmy Blink’s. So I believe this was him. My Family lived on 117, 118 and Pleasant Ave. My Mother was born at 326 Pleasant Ave. The building was torn down and now a vacant lot is there.

    • Angela Bella says:

      Hi Michael,
      Yes, you have the right “Jimmy Blink.” He was my dad’s best friend from childhood, and my godfather! Small world, isn’t it? 😊 Jimmy lived at 342 E. 110th Street, 2 doors down from where my dad lived. They are all very much missed. May they all rest in peace. Thanks so much for your message, and for visiting my site! 😊
      My best regards,
      Angela Puco

  13. Joshua Nieves says:

    Hi my name is Josh
    I run a page on Facebook and may help you connect with old friends…it’s called

  14. Rick says:

    Angela, thank you for your site. I wasn’t born Italian but became one because of great people like Anthony Staffa with his great parents especially his dad Sammy. I’m black but Sammy would take us to see the Mets play good days. I lived on 112th Street and First Ave and Tony on
    111th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave. I was back there in May and things were really different, Delightful restaurant is gone the biggest shocker for me, I now live in Germany but I still miss my Italian Harlem. Rick

  15. Paul Cuomo says:

    My uncle Carmine (Carmanuch also known as Carmine red)owned the hotdog store and before him
    My grandmother on 117 and pleasant ave my cousin Marie Cuomo owned the five and ten next door to Armond the barber. My mother was Rosie Cuomo and we live over the Pleasant tavern. Please keep me notified thanks

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