Congratulations, Charlie! Your poetry book is wonderful!

The Next Breath

By Charlie Giardino

My East Harlem family friend, Charlie Giardino, has just published his new poetry book on Charlie was born and raised in East Harlem, and lives in the Bronx.

Beautifully written by my friend, Charlie Giardino

SSummer night
doo wop music
echoes from the jukebox
it’s out on the street

it’s wire snakes
through the window
inside the club to the plug
by the pool table

everybody’s outside
on Pleasant Avenue
my home town
my little village

Pleasant Avenue
ain’t that a name?
most people don’t know it exists
and that’s fine with us

the johnny pumps are open
girls are jumping rope
some kids are playing stoopball
others eating Italian Ices

I’m on 119th street
waiting for you to come out
when I spot you a half block away
my heart skips a beat

and I deliberately act cool
chatting up a buddy
while looking over his shoulder
as you draw near

damn, you look pretty
white pedal pushers
striped top and some cute shoes
ain’t you a sight to see?

‘I only have eyes for you’
is playing now
and ain’t that the truth?
as you greet me with a kiss

‘My love must be a kind of blind love
I can’t see anyone but you.
Are the stars out tonight?
I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright
I only have eyes for you, dear’

and you take my hand
and we walk down to the park
to sit and stare at each other
on a park bench

beneath the amber glow
of the street lights
life is wonderful
and love is grand

‘I don’t know if we’re in a garden,
or on a crowded avenue.
You are here, so am I
maybe millions of people go by,
but they all disappear from view.
and I only have eyes for you’

ain’t that the truth?

and wasn’t that a night?

charlie gee 5/14/12